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Genre CyberBreak
Title Terminal Connection
Artist Constellation (Constellation)
Collaboration Member
Info BGA: Include / Level: ★x3~★x12 / BPM: 172
Comment From Constellation:
When I saw that the theme of this event was Cyber, the first thing that came to mind was the Internet,and cyberpunk and things like that.

I first decided to describe Cyber in a combination of Techno and Drum n'Bass two Gence, but I abandoned this idea because it was too terrible.

By thinking about the theme of this event, I thought about consciousness upload, the Internet of Things and hackers and so on, and then followed my own ideas to create, using Techno Gence and a large number of effects stacked instruments to describe this feeling, and then thought of using Breakcore Gence to describe the broken feeling - consciousness upload content.

People upload their consciousness and finally link to each other, that's the title I wrote-Terminal Connection.

From R054:
Constellation approached me and asked me to help make BGA, so it was there.
At that time, I was still traveling, so I had ample time to brainstorm how to make it. With the title "Terminal Connection" and the cold Techno, as well as Constellation's "hacker attack as the prototype," I started making it.

The entire process only took two days, searching for various materials online, cutting and placing them. Although the effect was average and different from the initial idea, it was also better than the previously produced BGA.

The black and white, retro image style BGA, coupled with a low total and gauge normal high difficulty spectrum, does have a different feeling.
Impression / Score 21 / 42
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