Be-Music West II

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Be-Music West


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Title you can't change a thing... anymore
Artist Lollipop
Info BGA: Include / Level: ★x3~★x11 / BPM: 130
Comment Hi, this is Lollipop.

This is my first BMS (and track) ever to feature vocals. I used the Yami Ryone VCCV UTAU voicebank; props to the creator, because I think this is a really good voicebank.

The BGA is made by 'capitano'; thanks to them for making a nice video to go with the BMS.

i hope that you uhh like it (PS: the BMS is 2:40, and is thusly missing some parts from the soundcloud)
Impression / Score 27 / 2144
URL!vTg2AKCK!L83SP3RULBSwtPjIloKwIOlcZDPaAyX9BrNfXs79G9A (52400KB)
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